Laser Hair Removal For Men And Women: Complete Guide

In today’s time, laser hair removal is not strictly a female domain. Both men and women seek hairless, smooth skin in certain areas of their body or face, as part of their grooming routine or to improve their facial/body aesthetics. Although there are many hair removal methods available, laser hair removal has emerged to be the most effective, long-term solution for anyone not liking extra hair on their face or body. This article has major details on laser hair removal for men and women. So, if you are considering laser hair removal in Hyderabad, read on for more information provided by Dr Ravali Yalamanchili, dermatologist in Hyderabad at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics!

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the cosmetic dermatology services wherein a laser machine/device is used to eliminate unwanted hair from any part of the body or face, except the eyebrows.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

In laser hair removal in Hyderabad, a concentrated light beam is focused on the targeted areas of the body or face to remove unwanted, extra hair. This beam of light/laser targets the melanin (a pigment) present in the hair follicle, melanin absorbs the light energy and converts it into thermal energy. The heat generated during the process selectively and precisely damages the targeted hair follicles and inhibits future hair growth.
Multiple hair removal sessions are typically needed, weeks apart, to ensure all the hair follicles of the target area are removed. That’s because hair grows in cycles, and the laser hair removal treatment works most effectively only during the active hair growth phase. The number of hair removal sessions varies based on varying factors like size of the treatment area, amount and thickness of hair in the treatment area, and skin type and hair colour of the individual.  

Unique Options for Laser Hair Removal for Men:

 Men commonly opt for laser hair removal in the following areas:

  • Beard line, jawline, and neck- Beard laser hair removal is the best choice to get a well-defined beard shape using a laser beam. It involves the removal of extra hair from specific areas of the beard like along the jaw, lower cheeks, or neck.
  • Chest- Laser hair removal effectively works on large areas. Men who want to get rid of their chest hair completely or make it finer or sparser can go for laser hair removal.
  • Back and shoulder- These are hard-to-reach areas for shaving and waxing, thereby needing regular maintenance. Laser hair removal creates minimal maintenance and so is the best hair removal option for back and shoulder areas.
  • Buttocks, peri-anal, and pubic areas- Laser hair removal works best for these personal, delicate areas.


 Common Options of Laser Hair Removal for Women:


  • Facial hair removal- Women who are embarrassed with undesirable facial hair and frustrated with conventional hair removal options can go for facial hair removal with lasers that provide a once-and-for-all solution for unwanted facial hair. 
  • Upper lip hair removal- For women suffering from excessive hair growth on their upper lips, laser hair removal is an effective option for such a small, delicate area.
  • Bikini hair removal- Shaving or using depilatory creams in the bikini area can be time-consuming and leave behind unsightly, irritated skin. With bikini laser hair removal, women can wear bikinis without worrying about ingrown hair, razor bumps, rashes, and repeated hair removal.
  • Underarm hair removal- Women often wax or shave their underarm hair and, in this process, experience painful ingrown hair. Underarm laser hair removal can free women from the hassles of waxing or shaving and unwanted underarm hair.

What to Expect During a Laser Hair Removal Session?

The dermatologist provides the candidate with laser protective eyewear and the laser machine/device settings are adjusted as per the candidate’s skin tone, hair width, and other unique characteristics. Before focusing on the laser beam, the dermatologist applies a cold gel onto the treatment area to heat protect the skin. During the treatment, the candidate may feel slight discomfort as if a hot rubber band snapping against the skin or a warm pin prick sensation. After it’s done, the dermatologist provides anti-inflammatory creams, lotions, or ice packs to relieve redness and other discomfort.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction in Men and Women

Laser hair removal treatment is an excellent hair removal option for almost everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, skin tone, and previous medical records. This service offers plenty of benefits including:

  • Long-lasting results- In laser hair removal treatment, the targeted actively growing hair follicles are thermally destroyed. There is a significant reduction in undesirable hair growth and some hair follicles are no longer capable of growing hair back again. Therefore, this treatment is the best for all those wanting to bid goodbye to unwanted face or body hair permanently.
  • Reduced ingrown hair- Shaving and waxing can leave behind painful and unsightly ingrown hair. These hair removal options may also lead to skin inflammation and the appearance of itchy bumps on the skin. The laser hair removal process helps reduce or prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair and minimises the risk of inflammation, itching, and bumps.
  • Precision- Laser hair removal in Hyderabad precisely targets the undesirable hair follicles without causing any harm to the surrounding skin. Therefore, it’s an ideal hair removal option for body sites like chest, back, and shoulders.
  • A wise investment- Laser hair removal is an economical option as compared to frequent waxing, shaving, or other conventional hair removal methods. After receiving a few sessions of hair removal, there is no need for frequent treatment or daily maintenance, only some annual touch-ups may be required.
  • Speed, Safety, and efficiency- Thanks to the advancements made in laser hair removal technology, it’s possible to quickly get rid of undesirable hair from large areas. With each laser pulse lasting for a fraction of a second, many hair follicles can be treated at a time. Now, the treatment is less painful, more effective, and reduces the number/severity of side effects. The majority of people consider laser hair removal safe. Dark-skinned people enjoy the same level of safety as those who have lighter skin complexions.
  • Boost in self-confidence and self-esteem- Unwanted hair on the face or body can cause embarrassment or make people self-conscious of their appearance. Laser hair removal can help improve self-confidence and self-esteem by providing long-lasting results.
  • Improved hygiene- In certain areas of the body like underarms and genitals, excessive hair growth can trap sweat and bacteria and cause bad odour or irritated skin. Choosing laser hair removal in such areas can make men and women feel more hygienic and reduce the chances of skin irritation.

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Hyderabad

Laser hair removal cost in Hyderabad  starts from Rs. 2800 per session and this will vary from patient to patient and types of body area targeted. 
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