Under Eye Rejuvenation

Under Eye Rejuvenation in Hyderabad

The periorbital area (around the eyes) is one of the first and most affected areas in the ageing process. This can be attributed to chronological ageing, genetics, racial differences and structural defects. As they say, people speak with their eyes; under the eye, changes are most noticeable, which makes an individual conscious and can affect their quality of life. Under eye rejuvenation treatment options are well researched and science-backed. The treatment options depend on the conditions we are trying to address.

Under eyes, changes can be because of the following

  1. Loss of volume – rapid weight loss, ageing changes, anatomical fat pad defects.
  2. Skin creepiness, fine lines, static lines, creasing and wrinkling of the skin.
  3. Pigmentary changes – acanthosis nigricans, lichen planus pigmentosus, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid disorders, atopy (allergies), pigment demarcation lines.
  4. Fat pad herniation causes under-eye bags and hooded eyes because of excessive skin.

What are the Treatment Options Available?

  • Topical creams: topical creams containing skin-lightening agents help in treating hyperpigmentation. Retinol-based creams help in collagen stimulation, improving skin texture.
  • Lasers: Q Switched Nd Yag laser, ablative lasers like Co2 laser help in treating pigmentation and skin resurfacing hence improving the tone and texture of the under eye area.
  • Chemical peels: Acanthosis Nigricans, a pseudo pigmentary concern causes excessive piling up of skin cells. This can be improved by improving the cell turnover rate by using exfoliating peels like retinol, phenol and TCA.
  • Botul-inum toxin injections: Botul-inum toxin is a protein that relaxes the muscles, improving lines and wrinkles around the eyes. A popular treatment known as Micro bo-tox or baby bo-tox involves using very low concentrations to improve under-eye skin creepiness without affecting functionality.


  • Fillers: hyaluronic acid fillers are used to correct the volume loss in the under-eye area, and the results are instant, lasting up to 12-18 months.
  • Bio remodelling procedures: the profile, a popular hyaluronic acid injection, helps in the biomodelling effect of the skin by collagen synthesis. This is preferred when volume loss is not prominent, but there is skin creepiness and crinkling.
  • Blepharoplasty: is a surgical procedure to remove excess and saggy skin. The excess skin is removed, and it is sutured back. The skin looks normal in a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Creams Help Treat My Dark Circles?

This depends on the cause of the dark circle. Yes, creams do help in treating certain conditions.

Can Rubbing Eyes Cause Eye Bags?

No eye bags are due to the fat pad bulging out when the underlying support structures weaken.

Is Bo-tox for Under-eye Safe?

Yes, it is safe when done by a trained and qualified dermatologist.

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