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Thread Lift Treatment in Hyderabad

Are you looking for a safe and effective approach to contouring the face and looking younger without surgery? End your search here, try out thread lift treatment in Hyderabad by Dr. Ravali Yalamanchili at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic, and enjoy its benefits!

What is a Thread Lift?

As one ages, facial skin is the first place where aging signs start to appear. Aging can take a toll on the skin in various ways. The skin’s connective tissues thin out, collagen and elastin fibers start to break, and eventually one can notice different aging skin concerns such as deep folds or creases, fine lines, and wrinkles, dull skin, uneven skin texture and tone, and sagging skin. 

Thankfully, all these facial skin aging concerns can be taken care of with a minimally-invasive technique called a Thread lift. A thread lift is designed to help people regain a youthful facial contour, the best facial appearance at their age. It serves as the best, non-surgical alternative to facelift surgery. 

To get the benefits of thread lift treatment in Hyderabad, consult the skin expert at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic. The clinic has helped many people achieve a youthful look with this minimally invasive, non-surgical anti-aging treatment.

What are the Benefits of a undergoing Thread Lift Facial Contouring?

  • It is a high-customizable procedure.
  • The procedure of thread lift facial contouring is relatively simple, convenient, and painless as it is carried out under local anesthesia.  
  • It is a lunchtime treatment that gets over approximately in an hour and is associated with little to no complications that further results in faster healing.

  • The procedure can be repeated several times after every few years if the client is still not ready to get a well-contoured face for a lifetime with a surgical facelift. A thread lift could only provide subtle and short-lived results that lie in between surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. 
  • More threads provide maximal results. 
  • The procedure is less invasive, effective, and cheaper than a traditional surgical facelift. 

Types of Thread Lifts

Threads lifts can be done with either of the following two types of threads:

Anchoring or lifting threads (Long threads)

Such threads have small barbs/cogs or cones along the length of the thread. When the experienced practitioner carefully places these threads below the skin surface using a needle, the skin tissues get lifted and secured in their place by these cones/barbs/cogs.

Stimulating threads (Short threads)

These are free-floating threads, which means not anchored underneath the skin at any point. Therefore, they severe multi purposes like they help restore skin’s volume and even enhancing overall skin texture and tone. At the same time, it helps boost collagen growth around the inserted threads to support and strengthen the skin. An example of this type is the PDO thread which is used extensively in thread lift procedure.

What Areas/Concerns can be Treated with Thread Lift Facial Contouring?

Thread lifting can help contour different areas of the face and neck, especially:

  • Jawline- to create a youthful jawline (an enviable jawline curve) and get rid of jowls
  • Mid-face and Cheeks- to restore the mid-face “triangle of youth”
  • Forehead and Eyebrows- to reposition the eyebrows and achieve an on-trend snatched appearance if eyebrows seem heavier and lower 
  • Neck- to tighten crepey neck skin and lift the sagging or aged neck tissues.   

How is Thread Facelift Performed?

The procedural steps of thread facelift are as follows:

  • Firstly, the skincare practitioner cleans the face and neck area thoroughly with gentle soap and water to make it free from dirt, grease, and any other cosmetic products. Once done, a numbing cream is applied which shows its effect in 30-40 minutes. As soon as the treatment site gets numbed, the topical anesthetic is wiped off. In the case of using anchoring threads, the entry and exit points will be numbed with the injectable local anesthetic. 
  • Next, the face is cleaned with iodine or chlorhexidine in two passes. The face may be then marked using a surgical pen as per the vectors needed to ensure optimal results.
  • Then, the chosen medical-grade threads are inserted into the marked sites of the candidate’s face using a technique called tunneling and accordingly adjusted while the candidate lies down comfortably. 
  • The candidate is then asked to sit to assess for symmetry, and then the face is again wiped with chlorohexidine. 
  • Lastly, the candidate is asked to expose their face for 30 minutes to an LED light, which is comforting and relaxing and can help reduce swelling, thereby speeding up recovery. 

On average, the time taken for placement of anchoring threads into the skin is about an hour depending upon various factors including the degree of facelift desired. In contrast, stimulating threads take about 10-20 minutes to be placed into the skin, depending upon the extent of the facelift desired. 

The cost of thread lift treatment can vary from patient to patient. To know more about the cost of thread lift treatment in Hyderabad, consult the skin expert at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic. 

How is Thread Facelift Performed?

The Results and Recovery after Thread Lift Facial Contouring

Following the thread lift, one can notice the immediate subtle lifting effect on the targeted areas of the face. There is a noticeable redistribution of facial volume along with the actual mechanical lift in the skin (if anchoring threads are used). The skin continues to show improvements over time as collagen remodeling takes place. The longevity of the results depends upon how much time the threads take to get dissolved. However, the new collagen continues to create a firmer, smoother, fuller appearance.

The candidates can expect to see some bruising, swelling, discomfort, and even puckering that can take up to 5 days to settle, if anchoring threads are used while floating threads need minimal downtime.

Who is best suited for thread lift facial contouring?

Generally, the candidates suitable for a thread lift are those who are in their 30s-40s and experiencing early signs of aging including sagging skin. Individuals who want mild to moderate facelifts and those who don’t have any severe aging signs like severe hanging or sagging skin, a turkey neck, or heavy jowls are good candidates for a thread lift. The approach is even ideal for those who are either seeing no good response after the use of injectable facial fillers or are not quite ready to undergo a surgical facelift. However, these candidates must not be aged below 18 years, must not be pregnant or lactating, and must not be suffering from any autoimmune disease. Lastly, it is important for every candidate considering a thread lift to be in good overall health and have a positive outlook as well as reasonable expectations from the results of their treatment. To avail the benefits of thread lift treatment in Jubilee Hills, consult the experts at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic.

Pre-treatment Instructions

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours. 
  • Avoid intake of any drugs or supplements that could cause blood thinning and promote the risk of skin bruising and bleeding. 
  • If prone to cold sores, take prescribed anti-viral medications for 24 hours prior to the treatment

Post-treatment Care

  • Return to normal routine activities and work only after 48 hours or as suggested by the healthcare provider. 
  • Take prescribed painkillers and even complete the prescribed course of antibiotics to help relieve any discomfort and prevent infections following the treatment. 
  • Sleep with the face upside and the head kept slightly raised to avoid putting any pressure on the treated areas of the face. 
  • Avoid wearing make-up for at least 24-48 hours after the treatment. 
  • Avoid getting indulged in any high-intensity workouts or vigorous physical activities for at least two weeks. 
  • Do not use steam rooms, sun tanning beds, and saunas, and even avoid going for swimming and hot water baths for at least three weeks. 
  • Do not undergo any facial cosmetic procedure or massages for 4 weeks post-treatment. 
  • Carefully and gently wash, shave, or dry the face after the sites of insertion of the thread heals. Do not rub, scratch, or often touch the face with bare hands. 
  • Avoid scheduling any dental visits for at least a month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the results?

If appropriate materials are used, the impact of a thread lift technique results can continue for at least two years.

Are thread lifts painful?

Local anesthetic is used to prevent any pain from arising during surgery. Nonetheless, one will have discomfort in the treated areas during the recovery time. The soreness only persists throughout the recovery period.

When will I begin to see results?

The benefits of thread lifts are instantaneous, although the best results are typically not observed until a few weeks after treatment when new collagen has developed.

Am I a good candidate for a thread lift?

A thread lift is appropriate for men and women over 30 who seek to reduce moderate signs of aging. Thread lift treatments are appropriate for all skin types, although individuals who are allergic or sensitive to bio-materials should consult a doctor before undergoing surgery. One will have the opportunity to report any allergies during the procedure appointment, and the doctor will be able to determine if the treatment is safe and beneficial for one's needs.

Thread lift treatment has helped many men and women reverse their aging signs. The treatment is also popular among people because it offers promising results, is minimally invasive, and is cost-effective. One can consult the expert dermatologist in Hyderabad at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic to get the benefits of a thread lift facial contouring treatment.

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