Understanding Hair Fall: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Petrified by the daily sight of hair strands on bathroom or house floors and your pillow covers? Hair falling out is normal but it can get quite disturbing. Every human being on Earth experiences hair fall daily. However, falling out of hair strands can be worrisome when it leads to substantial hair loss.
As per Dr. Ravali Yalamanchili, dermatologist in Hyderabad at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics, ‘Normally, each hair follicle goes through a first longer growth phase (anagen) and then through a shorter resting phase (catagen). In the catagen phase, the hair follicles get inactive but still are attached to the skin. Following this phase, the hair follicles enter the telogen phase wherein the hair starts to shed and make a place for new hair to grow. Hair fall becomes a concern when the normal hair growth cycle gets disrupted and most hair follicles enter the telogen phase.
Coming up next is everything that you must know about hair fall concerns. Keep reading to get a detailed picture in mind about hair fall and also answers to common questions related to hair fall and hair fall treatment in Hyderabad.

What is hair fall?

Hair fall is a significantly common natural occurrence in our daily life that goes unnoticed when every hair follicle goes through a normal hair growth cycle. It is normal to have 50-100 hair strands falling out and getting replaced with new, healthy hair daily. But, hair fall is unusual when it happens suddenly or excessively. Hair fall can be a cause of worry for most people. It can affect them to varying degrees at some point in their lives.

Is hair fall temporary or permanent?

For the majority of people, hair fall is a temporary concern. But, for some hair fall is a long-lived, gradually progressing or worsening condition. If any one is looking for hair loss treatment in Hyderabad, they can consult the hair fall expert, Dr. Ravali Yalamanchili, at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics. She can advise one with the best hair fall solutions that help reverse hair loss and hair fall.

What factors determine the hair growth pattern and shedding of hair follicles? 

Genetics plays a role in deciding one’s hair growth pattern and ageing is responsible for hair shedding. With advancing age, hair follicles may get weak and stop generating new hair or remain inactive for a long time, resulting in more hair thinning and scalp visibility. 

Why does my hair fall out?

Hair fall can have many potential causes. These include:

  • Genetics- Androgenetic alopecia or patchy hair loss can happen in both males and females who have their elders with records of hair fall/loss.
  • Hormonal fluctuations- More androgen and less estrogen in females at the time of puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or while taking oral contraceptives can lead to hair fall. Thyroid disorders can disrupt hormone levels and affect hair growth at its root. The fallen hair strands may not be replaced by new hair growth.
  • Stress- During stress, cortisol hormone is produced in excess which can lead to hair fall. Alopecia areata is a stress-induced hair loss.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies- The quality and quantity of hair can get affected if there is prolonged neglect of vitamins, minerals, and a protein-rich diet. 
  • Tight hairstyles or hair treatments with chemicals and heated tools.
  • Side effects of certain medications like antidepressants, mood stabilisers, and antidepressants
  • Medical illness- These include certain autoimmune conditions, cancer, arthritis, and heart problems
  • Scalp conditions like fungal scalp infections or trauma/injury to the head
  • Pollution- Air pollutants can damage hair strands and cause their breakage.

One needs the help of a dermatologist in Hyderabad to determine the root cause of their hair fall. To learn more on hair regrowth treatment options, ways to reverse baldness and to learn more on ways to stop hair fall, contact the experts at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics. 

When to consult a dermatologist for hair fall?

If hair is turning thinner, the area is becoming wider, the hairline has changed, or there are one or more bald spots/patches, you are experiencing hair fall and so you must consult a dermatologist and hair fall treatment doctor in Hyderabad to learn more on the best solution for hair fall or treat hair loss. 

How do doctors diagnose hair fall problems?

Doctors diagnose the definite cause of hair fall/loss based on medical history, nutritional status, patient’s current medication intake, lifestyle, hairdressing habits, and patient’s physical examination of the patient. If the doctor suspects any fungal scalp infection, he may take a sample for lab testing. To check for any s-e-x-hormone imbalance, medical illness, iron deficiency, or a thyroid problem, the doctor will probably ask for blood tests.  

What are the most effective treatment options for hair fall?


Growth factor therapy- In this treatment, pl-at-elet-enriched pla-s-ma is extracted from the patient’s blood. Then the natural hair growth factors derived from pl-at-elet are superficially injected into the hair roots to strengthen the hair roots, encourage hair growth, and even thicken the hair follicles.    
Contact the hair loss treatment doctor in Hyderabad to learn more on heavy hair fall solutions and treatment options.
Mesotherapy- It involves the administration of a mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, some medications, and other ingredients necessary for hair growth in the mesoderm of the scalp.

Microneedling- Scalp micro-needling can be done to create multiple micro-injuries in the scalp skin to boost collagen remodelling and also improve absorption of hair growth-promoting solutions like pl-at-elet -rich pla-s-ma.

Do hair fall treatments work the same for all hair types?

There are many hair fall treatment options available for excessive hair fall and other hair fall problems. The doctors decide on the best hair fall treatment in Hyderabad at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics based on the type of hair loss and its severity and not on the type of hair- wavy, straight, or curly.  

Can I prevent my hair fall?

Hair fall can be prevented by incorporating the following tips into your lifestyle:

  •  Have a healthy, nourishing diet. Have meals rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
  •  Practise a proper hair care routine. Avoid hair fall by washing the head with cold or lukewarm water. Do not comb wet hair as they are prone to breakage. Stop using hair chemical-based hair products as these weaken hair strength. Regularly trim hair to avoid split ends and control hair fall. Avoid regular use of heating products like hair straighteners/curlers or hair dryers.
  •  Get indulged in stress-relieving techniques like practising yoga and meditation to encourage healthy hair growth.
  •  Avoid having bad lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption as these can exacerbate hair fall/loss. 

If one is looking for a heavy hair fall solutions, healthy ways to learn more on how to reduce hair fall for women, and hair fall treatment cost in Hyderabad consult the hair loss experts at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics.


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